Cool mod menu`s that i found out!!!!!

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Cool mod menu`s that i found out!!!!!

Post  WiiiD~Price on Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:31 pm

Matrix Menu(My Nity's Edit)

Hey Guys V6 Is Finally Out!!
Its Edit Of Nity's From Last Edit This One Is Much Better!
And If You Can Help By Fixing Chopper Gunner Thanks!

What It Has:
Ray Gun
Chopper Gunner You Cannot Exit Or Shoot It But It Will Fly Around
Valkyrie Rocket
Nade Training
Mini Mod
Skittles Favorite Gun
Attack Helicopter In Killstreaks
Legit Stats Look Legit 11th Prestige
Menu On Left Side
Menu Text Is Glowing
The Team Pictures Are Deathmachine And Grim Reaper
Flashing Text On Side Of Screen
Flashing Text At Top
Roll The Dice V4
Nuketown Survival
Michael Myers 1.3
Ghost Vs Humans V2
One Has Chaos In Cod(With Perks)
One Has Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight Version:http: ?7gpgl1h2fzailpg

Chaos In Cod Version:http: ?iweu3rdqosbx9iu


Nity For The Base
Cheesetoast For His 3 Gametypes
JellyInjector for Rolls The Dice V4 And The Valkyrie Rocket And Raygun From Roll The Dice V4
Pwnzer for Chaos In Cod And Nade Training
G-Rey for the team icons
Runts For Giving Ideas What To Add
And To Everyone Else I Forgot Thanks!!!


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Re: Cool mod menu`s that i found out!!!!!

Post  B.a.M on Sun Jul 15, 2012 2:03 pm

Good job can't wait to see how good it is

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