*****How we should organize the site! Please Read***

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*****How we should organize the site! Please Read***

Post  WiiiD-GhOsT on Fri Jul 13, 2012 12:23 am

I think our website should be set ur into about 5 or more forums on different topics. This would make are website alot more organized and easier to use for people that are looking to find some desent mods/codes/edits/requests/and as all ways the first forum to share ideas on things, plus clan information.

In all of these forums will be loads of codes/mods/edits/and even some game iso for people with out the game....

Over all I think this is a wonderful idea for the WiiiD-CLAN website. And if there is any way I could help please make me able to create forums and help with the revising of our website!!! -GhOsT<3 cheers

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